CSUF Dance at Jacob’s Pillow

Photo by Jena Wijtman

This past summer, CSUF Dance Majors, Jonathan Kim, Andrew Corpuz, Kevin Lopez and Chris Jensen were selected to represent the CSUF College of the Arts Dance Program at the Jacob’s Pillow Dance in Becket, Massachusetts for Inside/Out American College Dance National Gala Highlights Concert on August 25. The COTA Dance Program was one of four programs out of over 500 in the United States that were chosen to perform at the festival.

“The Pillow” is the country’s only National Historic Landmark that draws people from all over the world to the longest-running international dance festival through the School at Jacob’s Pillow. The school is recognized as one of the most prestigious professional dance schools in the nation and offers hundreds of performances and workshops each season. Professor of Dance and Program Director, Debra Noble, notes the immense honor for both the dancers and the dance program to be selected. “It reflects highly on our dance program and the training that our students are receiving.”

Our students’ experience was highlighted in the September News of the American College Dance Association:

Photo by Priscilla Alvarez

“Humbled is the only word that comes to my mind whenever I am asked to express my short- lived experience at Jacob’s Pillow. Having the privilege of being a part of the first [ACDA performance at the Pillow] was something that pushed me in every way as a dancer. The experience granted me a taste of just how glorious this craft can truly be. The four universities were really able to have the whole VIP experience, with a private tour of the grounds and exclusive look into the Pillow’s own archives which is a gem within an already Historic National Landmark. Mr. Shawn would be so proud of what the farm he bought has become. The Inside/Out, with its free admission, feels just like a summer picnic with friends watching the art of dance. Within the trees, its backdrop of the mountains, the Pillow creates the most ego-free, inclusive environment that I have ever experienced. All that Jacob’s Pillow has shared with us left me full of love for the dance world.” – Kevin Lopez

“Dancing at Jacob’s Pillow was simply one of the most amazing opportunities I have ever encountered.  Just thinking about all the people who have come and gone through Jacobs Pillow and we had the chance make our mark in such a special place. Thank you.” – Chris Jensen


Photo by John Evans

“It was an honor to be a part of the historic collaboration between the American College Dance Association and Jacob’s Pillow. Performing on the Inside/Out stage was a surreal, humbling, and rewarding experience that intensified our passion to pursue dance. [The four performers in the dance] each started late, and being a male dancer has brought its own baggage in our respective journeys. The piece August has allowed us to explore masculinity, community, and resilience through movement. Sharing this work with Jacob’s Pillow has been nothing short of dream, a dream worth fighting for.” – Jonathan Kim

“The Pillow was a perfect place to see [the dancers] off and out to our separate paths. It was a breath-taking experience. Thank you.” – Andrew Corpuz

Many thanks for the American College Dance Association and Jacob’s Pillow for the opportunity you provided for our students!



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